Our Mission

To be a community that reflects the radical love of Jesus by loving and helping one another.

A Community of Helpers

Our Story

In 2017, a group of neighborhood women saw a need for meaningful ways to serve with our children. From this need, the Love Your Neighbor Club was born. We began helping a local school that housed a portion of our community’s refugee children. As relationships and needs grew, so did the number of families wanting to help. In 2021, Ellie Lebron founded Radical Love, as a way to bring more families in our community together to help one another.

Our Work With

Through relationships with local schools and housing complexes and shelters, we help meet the growing needs of children in our community. We organize collections for school supplies, snack bags filled with food for long weekends, books, winter gear and Halloween costumes. Opportunities for families, neighbors and groups exist to help fill these needs.

Our Work With
Refugee Families

We created a program called “Friendship and Learning,” where neighbors and their children partner with local resettled refugee neighbors and their children to teach/learn English. Trained teachers lead a formal ESL class on speaking, reading and writing English, and then adults are paired up to practice new skills with a native-English speaker. Simultaneously, children are grouped together to play math games, read stories and just have fun together. The primary goal of this program is to form relationships that strengthen our community, increase compassion for one another, and see our shared humanity.

Our Work With
Senior Citizens

Through local senior living organizations, we help pack food boxes for neighbors in need, and provide opportunities to connect with our elderly neighbors. Additionally, we equip children to write cards and chalk messages of love, encouragement, and friendship to these special neighbors.