The Impossible Is Possible

The Impossible Is Possible

This is our neighbor Ler Htoo. She grew up in a refugee camp in Thailand; she is of the Karen ethnic group – persecuted by the Burmese and driven out of Burma. She came to the United States as a young woman and married a Karen man. 

For over six years – doctors told her, “You are unable to have a baby. Your body can’t do it.” Many doctors confirmed this devastating news: It is impossible.

Many in our world look at Christianity the same way: Impossible. But most all historians agree: Jesus lived on this Earth some 2000 years ago. The American Medical Association concluded that due to the heavy scourging and beating he endured, Jesus DID in fact die on the cross as the Bible describes. Therefore, the Christian faith hinges on the resurrection of Christ – something that seems impossible.

Over 500 people witnessed Jesus after He rose from the dead, including people who weren’t big fans of Jesus and Christianity. There was no incentive to witness it and share about it; many who did were outcast, tortured – some dying violent deaths for proclaiming Jesus as the Messiah. And if it was just a “cult,” wouldn’t the myth die out within the first few generations? 

There are approximately 2.3 BILLION Christians of all ages living in our world today. The Bible is the most widely read book on the planet, and Jesus is the most influential person to have ever lived on Earth.

We’re very comfortable in our Western culture; we don’t want for much and most have never encountered bondage of any kind. When life is (or becomes) black and white, what’s really important is clarified.

On a Sunday afternoon, Ler sat with a group of friends and her pastor. She was sharing how tired she was and had unexplained weight gain. Could it be possible that she was pregnant?

A doctor’s test revealed she was SIX MONTHS pregnant! Some things may seem impossible, but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. 

In November, Yaw Hay came into this world; his name means “God gives.” 

On Sunday, Christians around the world will celebrate Easter – the day that Jesus rose from the dead. The day He conquered death and sealed our fate: We will live forever with Him. All we have to do is believe. 

Ler Htoo and her baby Yaw Hay