The Story of the Bus Driver

Meet Elizabeth.

She joined Radical Love this Summer by bus; Elizabeth was the bus driver.

Radical Love raised enough funds to charter a bus this summer for our English-learning program. It brought neighbors of all ages who otherwise could not attend.

On the first Friday, the bus pulled in, the riders unloaded, the driver parked and remained on the bus. It was a hot morning, and we invited her (learning her name was Elizabeth) to come in for a bottle of cold water and to rest.

Elizabeth sat for a while, watching all of the adults gather and the children play. Turning, she said, “I’m not sure what this ministry is, but I’d really like to be part of it. I have a son; could he come too?”

Elizabeth rearranged her personal schedule to ensure SHE was the driver each Friday all Summer. Her young son, Jessie, rode along with her and brought joy each week to our kids’ program.

God knew we needed Elizabeth. Her beautiful smile greeted our bus-riding neighbors each Friday, getting to know each one, and becoming a big part of what we were doing together.

Elizabeth has become a friend. Last Sunday, she and her family joined several other families from Radical Love to worship together.

It’s incredible to witness all of the people God is bringing people TOGETHER through Radical Love!

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